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76                                 SHIPPING PRACTICE

If a seaman deserts then he immediately forfeits his
wages, and any effects that he may leave on board may be
sold. JSl cases of desertion must be entered in the ship's

Expenses by way of hospital or medical attention in-
curred by the seamen are payable by the owners of the ship
without deduction from the wages of the seamen.

The engagement of the crew terminates if the vessel is
sold. As will be seen from Chapter XV, when an owner
sells a vessel he has no right to transfer the crew, and must
therefore terminate the agreement. The crew have the
option usually of signing fresh articles with the new owners.

Where a vessel becomes a wreck or is disabled and unable
to proceed upon her voyage, then the .owners of the ship
may claim the cancellation of the agreement by reason of the
fact that the voyage is frustrated, and it is impossible to
fulfil or continue it.

In the event of a sudden cancellation of the voyage
through wreck or other termination of the adventure, the
seaman is entitled to claim compensation by way of pay-
ment of wages for a period of two months, provided that
during that period he has not become otherwise employed.

When a seaman becomes what is known as a distressed
seaman he is entitled to repatriation. He may become
distressed by being wrecked, or left behind in the case of
illness, or, within certain regulations, if he deserts. All dis-
tressed seamen may claim return to proper return ports at
the expense of the owner in whose employ they become

A simple example of repatriation is if a seaman is signed
on in the United Kingdom and discharged in a foreign
country, he is entitled to be returned (or repatriated) to the
United Kingdom.

In the case of Lascars, these must always be returned to
India, and may never be discharged in any other country
than their own. Lascar crews are under the control of a
Serang, who is responsible f or their behaviour.

The cost of repatriation includes maintenance whilst